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Making sure that your employees have an accountable leader is vital for running a successful business. To be an accountable leader means to be a shining example of how they would like employees under their guidance to behave.

There are a handful of ways to maintain accountable leaders in your company, which you can read about below. If you keep these in mind, you can ensure your business will display the highest standards from the top down.

Expectations of Accountability

If you make it clear to the leaders in your company that you expect them to be accountable, and if your leaders expect accountability in the employees they direct, it demonstrates that the company values this quality.

Your leaders can assist employees in identifying what it means to be accountable by taking the actions detailed below.

Illuminating Consequences

If you show real-life examples of the consequences of lacking accountability, leaders and other employees will have a better grasp of what it truly means to exercise the quality of accountability.


One way to teach your leaders and their employees what it means to be accountable is by offering mentorship on the subject.

Team Meetings

It can really help employees understand the importance of accountability by having regular team meetings that go over any issues and accomplishments.

You can connect these back to accountability to show how it impacts company goals.

Displaying Qualities of Accountability

This is where being a good role model comes into play. Be the accountable leader you want to see in your company’s other leaders.

You can do this by demonstrating that you can learn new skills and knowledge, and then use this to accomplish goals. You can also be a good role model by showing discipline and integrity.

Sharing Information and Training

If you want your company’s leaders to display accountability, they need to first know what that means. This is why communication is important.

You need to teach employees what it is by explaining the concept of accountability to them and by using various training methods to better ingrain it into their minds.