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Simply put, for a person to show leadership credibility, they must be someone their employees can count on, believe, and easily respect. This article will detail some ways to build leadership credibility and what to avoid doing so as to not reduce your credibility as a leader.

Why It’s Important

Credibility is especially vital for a leader to have since employees are far less likely to listen to their leaders’ advice if they don’t trust their judgment. To have harder working and more responsible employees, it first must begin with a strong, credible leader as their advisor.

Make sure your employees know that you’re trustworthy, knowledgeable about your job, a responsible leader, and fair.

Increase Credibility

There are a few ways you can help show your employees that you are a credible leader. Take a look at these below.


You must be consistent to seem credible. If you’re constantly backpedaling on what you said, you will start losing your employees’ trust.

Stay Current

You should always stay up to date on trends within your company’s industry. This can help you be prepared for different scenarios, which helps prove that you’re a credible leader.


You should have the courage to make big moves when the time is right, and you should know when to eliminate any spending or processes that are not necessary.

Think Ahead

If you create a plan for your company’s future and show your employees the goals toward growth, you can strengthen their belief in your credibility, especially after certain goals are accomplished.

Model Behavior

Of course, by displaying qualities of integrity, understanding, patience, responsibility, determination, and foresight, you can demonstrate to your employees that you are a credible leader.

Lower Credibility

If you want to keep your employees’ trust and belief in your integrity and credibility, always avoid being disrespectful to your employees, ignoring any concerns they have, being selfish in your decision-making, and being confusing with your language.

Also, you should never be openly indecisive or inconsistent as a leader if you want your employees to believe that you’re credible.