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Colette kemp



Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Colette Kemp is an accomplished businesswoman with a proven track record in leadership. Throughout each role she has held in her lifetime, it has been made clear that Colette possesses a keen knowledge of effective management, both of team members and of business operations. From the start of her career, she has been both a people person and a goal-oriented administrator. These two characteristics, though valuable on their own, combine to create highly sought-after leaders. In Colette’s experience, you can’t have one without the other.

Currently, Colette Kemp is the Founder and Director of Kemp Funeral Group. Founded in August 2020, this established company provides unique solutions to business owners in the funeral industry who now need to consider succession planning. Through this venture, Colette has committed herself to be the picture of professionality, exemplifying strategic leadership to the fullest. Having assembled a team of experts, Colette and her crew come equipped with customized proposals that fit each client’s needs and in favor of their legacy and retirement goals. Throughout the entire acquisition process, Kemp Funeral Group honors the confidentiality of the business owner and their wishes to keep matters private.


Prior to Kemp Funeral Group, Colette Kemp was exercising her leadership abilities through a 15-year career with Kemplon Engineering, yet another business she had the privilege of co-founding. After having relocated to the United States from England in pursuit of entrepreneurship, Colette first dove into this business venture, finding great success through her strategic leadership. Kemplon Engineering is a trusted partner to its shipyard clients, Captains and Engineers, as it is a Marine Engineering firm specializing in ship repair services. Colette’s leadership responsibilities included vendor management, finances, compliance, team building and other similar duties that translate over to various industries.

Across industries and even across continents, Colette’s approach to leadership has resonated with others and contributed to the overall growth of her companies. Colette Kemp has become a household name for many who have crossed paths with her and experienced her servant leadership. Previous team members have commended her on account of her courageous and innovative management style, both in her relation to people and her direct oversight of business operations.

In her eyes, leadership is just as much about being a passionate and ethical boss as it is about enforcing standards.

Through Colette’s management roles, she has led her teams with clear expectations while also existing as a mentor. She holds herself to high standards and commits herself to excellence in all her endeavors, whether it is through leading her business or pursuing hobbies outside of work. In her free time, Colette Kemp can be found fostering animals, writing management-related articles and volunteering for Toastmasters International, a United States-based nonprofit educational organization that operates global clubs promoting public speaking, communication and leadership. She uses her free time to also stay updated on hiring trends, female entrepreneurship, woman-owned business trends and more. 


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